Spending Your Retirement In Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiang Mai 58

Planning your retirement is one thing that many people find rather stressful and tedious.The first decision you must make is where you plan on retiring. You have worked for countless years saving for your retirement and taking care of your family. Now it is time to enjoy your golden years relaxing and enjoying your life. But where would you spend your retirement years?Chiang Mai 07

There are many places around the world that people consider as retirement destinations, and one such place is Chiang Mai, Thailand. Many may have or may not have heard of this northern city in Thailand as Bangkok is the popular destination and capital of the country. However, Chiang Mai has come to be a retirement paradise for those who are searching for a laidback, relaxed and enjoyable time and one that will not cost you an arm and a leg.

Chiang Mai is located about 700km’s from Bangkok and can be reached by road or air. Driving would take between 7 to 9 hours and to fly from Bangkok would take about an hour. You can also, opt to travel to Chiang Mai by train, but the journey though full of great sceneries may take up to 14 hours.

Chiang Mai 29Chiang Mai has so many things to offer the retiree. From Affordable housing to cheap transportation. You can also enjoy the variety of delicious cuisines on offer. From the traditional northern Thai food to a range of western and eastern restaurants are available for you to visit. The natural surroundings will give you the relaxing time you need. You can take a day trip to one of the many mountain areas surrounding this city and also spend time at a beautiful waterfall. There are many beautiful lakes that you can visit and spend the day in a hut having a beer and relaxing.

There are many great shopping options in Chiang Mai. You can visit the many Malls and supermarkets that carry a range of products from local to imported good that you may need to prepare your home cooked food. There are many spas in the city which will offer you complete relaxation should you want to spend a day pampering yourself.

For the legalities of retiring, you can easily obtain your yearly retirement visa if you have the documents in order. Chiang Mai 14You can either rent a condo or a house, you can also, buy a car so that you can travel at your own pace. Chaing Main is also well known for its medical facilities and, therefore, you can be assured of world class treatment should you require it.

The cost of living in this northern city is much cheaper than the capital Bangkok. If you are single, you can easily live on $1,000 to $1,500 a month without being too extravagant. So you can easily retire in Chiang Mai with your pension income. There are many service providers who will help you get all the requirements in order, and you will be all set to enjoy your retirement.…