FAQs About Refinancing Student Loans


One of the most difficult tasks in the life of any young person is managing their student loan. Most students are not aware of the process undertaken when financing a loan. The process of refinancing your student loan can be an intelligent strategy. You can secure reduced monthly payments, lower interest rates and negotiated terms of the loan. However, just like other money plans, The Street reports cites that refinancing your student loan should be carefully addressed to make sure that it is the best decision. You should ask yourself some vital questions as you prepare to refinance your student loan and make the best decisions.

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The first thing that you need to decide is the expected outcome you are hoping for by refinancing your student loan. Some of the reasons that are supposed to drive you to include the need of having lower interest rates, getting rid of the debt faster and reducing the monthly payments.

What is the magnitude of your debts

You should also ask yourself the amount of money that you owe. In normal conditions, some private lenders require you to have a specific minimum outstanding loan balance. If you find that your loan balance does not you for qualify for a loan refinance, you can decide to adjust your budget to pay off the loan faster.

What are the different types of loans?

You should also learn the loan types that you have and their specific interest rates. You can first look at the federal loan balances in the National Student Loan Data System. If you used a private lender, you would have a file that provides you with all the information about your loan. You can only refinance your loan if your loan has a good standing. This is important because the higher the rate on your student loan, the more you can save from refinancing.

What is the stability of your income?

asddszfvszfcvThis is a vital question that you should ask yourself. A refinancing company is likely to give you a better rate only if you have a stable income from your employment or business. Sometimes the lender will require their refinancers to have completed graduate programs.

You should also know the protections that are offered by the lender in a case where you lose your job: This is paramount. Some private lenders can decide to postpone your payments for some months if you happen to lose your job. It is good to ask the lender about the interest accrual options.…


How Contract Financing Can Help Small Businesses Grow

loan contract

Is contract financing right for you? Numerous small, as well as average sized business owners, ask this question when bidding on a lucrative government contract. Winning a contract can place a massive pressure on your working capital when boosted demands for materials, payroll, and also various other expenses build up with the brand-new contract.

Loan Contract 01

If you’re aiming to broaden your business by embarking on brand-new or larger agreements, may be the option to assist your development.


Financing agreements can be a very easy and also uncomplicated process when making use of factoring as well as accounts receivable financing. Contract money could be secured in as little as 48 hours, as soon as an application has actually been authorized. The approval process for application is usually much less compared to 48 hours.


The process for funding contracts with factoring starts with an invoice. As soon as you have supplied a service or delivered an item, a copy of your invoice is sent to both your client as well as the funding company. The funding company will validate the information on your documents with your client to verify that the task has actually been completed, or the product was provided. After that, the financing company will deposit a percentage of the invoice to Loan Contract 02your bank account (usually 70-90 % of the invoice amount). Finally, when your client pays you the total, the payment is sent to the financing company, and the rest of the percentage is deposited to your account. Of course less the charge for making use of the funds. This procedure can be repeated as required.


Contract financing can be a wonderful and rather unique to a small business loan. Though different compared to a traditional lending, contract loans can be far more obtainable and also flexible than what a financial institution has to provide. Financing contracts via factoring, instead of leveraging your business or property, could put you in direct control of the quantity you wish to fund. Not all your dealings have to be funded – just the ones needed for financing the contract. Additionally, with factoring the concentration is on your consumer’s credit, not yours so if it’s a federal government agency your chances of becoming approved are much contract


With the growing need for finances and the stringent banking laws, it has become tough for businesses to raise operating capital. With Contract financing, you will not have to sacrifice your cash flow and be in a tight spot.



How to Consolidate Federal Student Loans

Student Loans 12

After graduating from college or universities, most students who borrowed student loans in order to cater for their fees find themselves burdened with a number of these student loans. In order to be able to manage these student loans efficiently, they must learn how to consolidate federal student loans. Below are some easy guidelines a student borrower could use when consolidating their loans.

Direct Consolidation Loan ProgramStudent Loans 10

This is a program by the Department of Education that allows student borrowers to consolidate their loans. It allows borrowers to consolidate their multiple loans into one federal student loan that will be easier to control and service. Paying several student loans will be difficult and expensive due to the high-interest rates as well as numerous payments to be made. Under this program, the student will only be required to pay payments monthly with a different interest rate altogether.

Consolidating Private Student Loans

As private student loans cannot be consolidated under the program above, a student who took private student loans can also consolidate their loans with a lender for private student loans. These lenders are not the conventional banks as this is a new sector that other unfamiliar lenders have exploited. Some of these lenders include LendKey, U-fi, DRB, CommonBond and SoFi with each having its own unique benefits and product offers. It is advisable for a student borrower to consider the private lender that offers the best lengths, mixed, fixed and variable rates. Comparing among these private lenders will be important as you will end up getting the best deal to make your loan repayments easy while saving money along the way.

Consolidating your student loans through a private lender has several benefits in that you are able to save your money on the interest. After consolidation one automatically lowers their interest rates thereby saving lots of money Student Loans 11over the duration that they will pay their loans. Private lenders charge nothing for the whole consolidation process and for students who have great creditworthiness can get interest rates starting from as low as 2% depending on factors such as length of time and interest rates type.

How Long does it Take?

The process of consolidation is usually lengthy but the total time taken is also determined by the loan type one has as well as the route they choose to use. If you prefer consolidating the loans quickly, then the private lender route is often quicker as it could take as long as 10 days. The application is relatively easier as it only takes around 15 minutes. After it is approved, one is expected to sign a promissory note and the lender will pay off the student loans and issue a fresh loan. All the above are the necessary steps to take when looking to consolidate federal student loans.…